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Note: The dolls above are examples of Olivia but all dolls will be one of a kind!

- Olivia is 31cm - 12" high

- Eyes size - 14mm reborn eyes (with bigger iris and pupils)

- wig size - 8"- 9" or  9" - 10"

- Olivia is a resin ball jointed doll

- This doll has the same body as my resin BJD Emily (please see photos on my website).

- Olivia has a highly pose able body due to the double joints. It can mimic the movement of the human body and hold a large variety of poses. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, even though this doll is stringed with elastic cord, it can pose and hold poses as well, or even better, than the spring mechanism that I use for my porcelain dolls.

* Details about ordering Olivia *

* Blanc doll set :  400 Euros - This set includes a complete stringed doll in the color shown on photos, custom wood box, a nice pillow roll for protection and certificate.

* Extras:

* Glass eyes - You can order the glass eyes separately and choose from several colors. These are hand blown quality glass eyes, made in Germany, like the ones shown in the pictures. The price is 25 euros per pair (this doll has 14mm eye size). 

 * Wig - Because it's so much time consuming to make the wigs myself, I decided to offer my clients several options of beautiful, quality mohair wigs, supplied by my resin doll manufacturer. The mohair is sewed onto a flexible fabric that can stretch to fit on the head.  I have some samples to show the several options available that can be pre-order directly from me. The price is 35 euros and includes the mohair wig + wig cap ( to hold the wig in place). If you are ordering a wig please take in account that this will be a pre order because I don't have them in stock  yet, only the samples.   ( Click here to see the available wigs to order! )

* Shoes - I offer a very limited number of quality leather shoes similar to the ones shown on the photos above (colors may vary). These shoes are made in Italy by a professional doll shoemaker and fit Olivia's foot with socks very well. Unfortunately it's hard to find other shoes that will fit well Olivia's foot so I was very happy to find these ones on the market! Shoes will be 25 euros.

* Face up - If you wish to order face up the price will be 130 euros. You can choose with or without eyebrows. You can also choose between the two eye shadows that I show above and with or without freckles.

* Hand blush - I won't be offering complete body blush. I feel that it's not necessary, since the doll is mostly covered with clothes. Besides, if you want to play with the doll, posing, dressing and undressing, the body blush can be easily damaged. So I offer you instead painted hands, like shown on the photos above. The price will be 35 euros.

* Complete set :  All full sets will be one of a kind. But if you have a specific wish for the full set I can see the possibilities and try to make something to your taste. If you wish to order the full set the price is 1200 euros plus shipping costs.

The full sent includes:

- Olivia doll

- Customized face up to your own taste (in my style range of possibilities)

- One of a kind dress made with beautiful antique and vintage fabrics and laces

- Underwear, socks and real leather shoes

- Factory mohair wig. The wig will be decorated to fit the style of the dress.

- I also decided to include on the full set a one of a kind little dolly or animal made in polymer clay, like the ones you see Olivia holding! All of these are unique and hand made by me.

* Important note for the full sets! Due to the fact that it's very time consuming to make the wigs myself, I'm no longer offering this option on the full sets. So please choose a wig from the wig page on the link above. Thank you for your understanding! <3


* If you are looking for clothes that could fit Olivia I have some tips for you: look at Blythe dresses that would look larger on the waste and longer on a Blythe with pure neemo body (Olivia's legs are longer than Blythe legs!). I found out that the Sprockets clothes from my dear colleague Connie Lowe also fit Emily! Connie Lowe Sprocket boots are a bit on the large size for Olivia but would also do... I will also make some clothes in various price ranges to put available. However I don't have enough time to produce a large number of clothes, and this is the reason I like to give my clients alternative tips.


* Payment:

- Deposit payment of 150 euros to reserve the doll and enter the pre order list.

Important notice: Once the deposit payment is done the doll is ordered and I have to pay the manufacture to produce the doll. So I don't refund deposits for this reason. So please take in consideration that, in case you give up the order and you already paid for the deposit, this is going to be your loss. The deposit is NOT refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

- Second and final payment is done after the doll is ready to be shipped.

- I also accept layaway, please email me for details if you are interested.


* Prices are excluding the shipping costs:

- Shipping outside European Union - 35 euros

- Shipping inside European Union - 25 euros


* Payment methods:

- I only accept Paypal for payments outside European Community.

- Inside European Community I prefer bank transfers, if possible.


* Please write me to my email address to order this doll *


Thank you for your interest in my work!