- Lucy is 29cm = 11.5" high

- Eyes diameter = 14mm

- Lucy is a resin ball jointed doll

- This doll has the same body as my porcelain BJD Julie and Sophie (please see photos on my website).

- Lucy has a highly pose able body due to the double joints. It can mimic the movement of the human body and hold a large variety of poses. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, even though this doll is stringed with elastic cord, it can pose and hold poses as well as with the spring mechanism that I use for my porcelain dolls.

* Details about ordering Lucy *

* Blanc doll set :  This set includes a complete stringed doll in the color shown on photos, beautiful customized box with a nice pillow roll for protection and certificate.


* Glass eyes - You can order the glass eyes separately and choose for the color you would like (according to the availability in stock). These are hand blown quality glass eyes, made in Germany. This doll has 14mm eyes size. 

 * Wig - 7"-8" wig size

* Face up - I will try to make the face up close to the one on the photos even though I found out on the last pre order that every face up turns out slightly different.

* Body blush - this will be a light body bush including nails, similar to the one shown on the photos. Please take in consideration when you order body blush that you have to be extra careful when you pose the doll, undress or dress the doll. I always avoid putting blush on the friction jointed areas because the sealant will scratch out. 

* Painted face up, body blush, wig and glass eyes set:

* This set includes a doll with painted face up, body blush, glass eyes and wig. The face up would be similar to the one shown on the photos but it can have minor changes of color according to the taste of the buyer.

* Complete set :  

* The complete set includes all of the above plus a hand made dress and shoes in the same style as shown on the photos (stand is not included in the set). Please note that all my dresses are one of a kind because I use antique and vintage fabrics and laces. They cannot be reproduced so all the resin dolls that are ordered with dresses will have different clothes on. You can choose the color(s) you like for the dress and I will use them if they are in stock.

Please note: I came to the conclusion, after asking some of my friends and collectors about it, that most of the Blythe clothes fit on my resin dolls too ( the Blythe clothes fit my porcelain BJD Julie that has the same body prototype from my resin dolls. Even though the resin dolls are slightly smaller they still fit the same clothes). This means that you could  buy Blythe clothes to dress up your Lisa or Lucy resin dolls. But always ask for measurements before you buy the clothes, just to make sure.

* Payment:

- Deposit payment of 150 euros to reserve the doll and enter the pre order list.

Important notice: Once the deposit payment is done the doll is ordered and I have to pay the manufacture to produce the doll. So I don't refund deposits for this reason. So please take in consideration that, in case you give up the order and you already paid for the deposit, this is going to be your loss. The deposit is NOT refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

- Second and final payment is done after the doll is ready to be shipped.

- I also accept layaway, please email me for details if you are interested.


* Prices are excluding the shipping costs:

- Shipping outside European Union - 35 euros

- Shipping inside European Union - 25 euros


* Payment methods:

- I only accept Paypal for payments outside European Community.

- Inside European Community I prefer bank transfers, if possible.


* Please write me to my email address to order this doll * asalvador@sapo.pt


Thank you for your interest in my work!