These are some of my art dolls made some years ago...Nowadays I don't make fairies anymore since I created another style that I find more captivating. I still leave this past work on my website to remember how I get started in doll making.

* Click on the images below to see more details of the work *





   fairy * Aryan      SOLD


       fairy * Fainne      SOLD


   fairy * Lena     SOLD


       fairy * Nadia      SOLD

            fairy * Iris              SOLD




     fairy * Evelyn    SOLD


    fairy * Lynn      SOLD

  fairy * Sybel     SOLD  

     fairy * Mina      SOLD


    fairy * Aline      SOLD










fairy * Lilia       SOLD         


 fairy * Nadine  SOLD

  fairy * Lillian       SOLD   

fairy * Lucya      SOLD 

  fairy * Gylian    SOLD  



  fairy * Elina     SOLD


 fairy * Amelia         SOLD


    fairy * Elian    SOLD


   fairy * Leia        SOLD       


   fairy * Lana          SOLD