- Dorothy is 38cm = 15" high

- Dorothy is a porcelain ball jointed doll

- Everything is this work is carefully and patiently hand made by the artist.

- Dorothy head mold will be limited to 50 pieces worldwide

- All Dorothy dolls are unique because I always sculpt the eyes and some of the features in the leather hard faze (thatís when the porcelain is just out of the mold and itís like soft clay).

- This doll is painted with porcelain paints that are fired in a kiln oven at 720 degrees Celsius (1328 Fahrenheit) and became permanent. The porcelain paint is translucent and therefore several layers have to be applied in order to achieve deepness and expression and bring the doll to live. It takes approximately one week to paint one doll because after each layer is applied and fired, the kiln needs to cool dawn for a period of around 8 hours. It's a long process but really worth it because these paints are permanent, they don't suffer any alteration with sunlight and they cannot be removed or scratched; it's like a tattoo in the porcelain surface.

- All the porcelain parts that compose this doll are assembled with a complex spring mechanism. Every joint has a separate spring that is hold by a steel pin allowing movement (the spring works like a muscle).

- This spring mechanism allows the joints to hold a large variety of poses mimicking the human body movement.

- Every joint of the doll's body is leather lined, meaning that there is a layer of thin leather in between all the spheres and the sockets. This allows control of the movement and protects the joints. I found a process of hiding the leather inside the sockets that works wonderfully and does not change the function of the leather lining, plus it looks much better!  I use this process only on the knees and elbows joints.

- All my porcelain dolls come with glass eyes unless there is a special request from the buyer.

- Every wig for these dolls is made by the artist using the finest mohair.

- You can order Dorothy has a nude doll with wig or you can order a customized doll with dress, shoes, hair accessories and stand.  

- Price for customized doll with wig (plus accessories for the wig), dress, shoes and Stand: 1700 euros

- Price for nude doll with simple wig: 1500 euros

NOTE: all Dorothy dolls have their own character and personality. The face painting, the eyes, wig and costume gives all these dolls a unique appearance. I consider all Sophie dolls as one of a kind!

If you would like to purchase a Dorothy doll or ask any question please write to: asalvador@sapo.pt



* There will be extra shipping costs that will vary according to your country. Please email me for the price.

Payment methods:

- I only accept Paypal for payments outside European Community.

- Inside European Community I could accept bank transfers.


 Thank you for your interest in my work!